A poem for the young- adult Christian.

I’ve given up that precious dream for the promise of

something better.

As the keeper of my very soul,

such fragility,

I commend it to You.

fait accompli 

The cross.

That ineffable moment

you justified my waggish soul.

Clever though I am,

or though I think..

all things perfect and pure come from You.


take what was yours to start with.

Use my Soul

Strip me of my bravado

and make my soul brave and beautiful

Forfeit a dream

 for the promise of a kingdom.

A proselyte

because you exist.

I pray that I am never again the owner of my own soul.


STILL RUNNING: Why I choose to run

“Our speech is a reflection of what is in our hearts.” – Brian Owen 

Please, as you read these posts ask these questions of what you read: 

Does it glorify God? – Is it encouraging? – Is it kind? – Does it build up or tear down? – What motivated it?

Be cautious, I am only a boy. I make mistakes… frequently… so, if anything I write offends or does not match up with scripture completely, please know that it is not intentional. I am only trying to write what is on my heart, and my heart is not perfect, so surely my writing will likewise be so.


The bike, the trail, the road, the run, if it moves me I will go. I would call running a form of “escapism”, but I’m not sure that is what it is for me. While on a run, I am sharp. In tune with my body, every movement comes naturally as if it is something I am supposed to do. I start running. Once I find the flow of a trail, (that is when I no longer have to think about what my body is doing) my mind then begins to focus elsewhere. Often, I find it working to process the relationships in my life. I think of my dad often, he being the one who brought me to my first trails to ride bikes, being on a trail always gives me the feeling that he is with me. I try not to think about the future…but I always do. I think about God, often. And about how how many metaphors there are concerning running and God… I have heard them all; I find comfort in them. Still running. I think about girls, and my future wife… whomever that may be. I think about friends from my past that are no longer there, and in that moment my mind alway shifts. I start to think about the person I was before Christ molded my heart… pour decisions, and cheap bravados to impress my peers… then I can feel the pain in my legs, as each step becomes infinitely heavier on my heals. Runners call this a “low point”…. my train of thought has been derailed, if only for a moment.

Still running. Focus finds me again.  I think about  my mom, and her smile waiting for me at the finish line. The thought of her comfort encourages  me. My stride becomes fluid. I don’t wear a watch; I think suffering is easier if it’s not being timed. I think about God, again. (He finds his way into most thoughts of mine) I think about the friends I have in my life now, and what an encouragements they are. Jack and Micah teach me about love, Megan about real friendship, Lindy shows  me how to honestly listen to God,  and Tony and Lynn show me what Godly men look like. Still running. I think about Uganda, and pastor Amos. I think about his heart for his community, and I run faster. I remember the stories he told me of the beginning of his ministry, and how difficult it is to start a church at the age of 25. I think about Amos walking through his village, everyday, going door to door, mile after mile, to pray with and encourage his neighbors. That man craves God’s will. Still running. I think about myself again, and about how God made me. He designed me so that the screaming quads that are carrying me will not stop moving. He made feet that can take the abuse of 180 pounds coming down atop the rocks and hard things of the world. Still running. He hand crafted my lungs to burn for hours on end, without fail. And If I am to honor his craftsmanship I will not stop moving. If the God of the universe chooses to use me, to run, so that a church in Jinja, Uganda has the chance to bring one more life to Christ, how can I stop running? I am made to be in motion. It is how I am wired. So, I am still running.